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Welcome to nhl_icons! Before posting, please read the following.

The name says nhl_icons, but this community is for icon makers (anyone who joins the community) to share their hockey-related icons and graphics with other members of the community, or for members to requests icons of their favorite players/teams. Originally, this community was exclusively for National Hockey League icons, but since the lockout, this has expanded to hockey icons, friends only banners, and LJ layouts, to name a few. If you'd like to suggest something else that will be allowed to be posted, we'd like to hear your idea - please comment here.

To join the community, go here to join and once you're approved, feel free to post your icons or request icons.


There aren't very many rules here, but there are a few that shouldn't be too hard to follow and are not limited to the rules listed below if a situation comes up that is not described here.

  • Do not insult or fight with another member because of the quality of their icons, the team they support, etc. You may offer constructive criticism so that the member can make their icons better.
  • Do NOT insult other members' favorite teams or players. Everybody has their own favorites here. If you can't respect that, how old are you, ten? (No, really.)
  • To use icons, unless otherwise stated in the entry, you should comment in the entry that the icon was posted and give credit to the user who made the icon in the keywords when you upload the icon to your Livejournal.
  • Do not post/advertise icons that are not hockey icons. (If your entry on the community links to an entry on your journal/icon community, you may post nonhockey icons in that entry, but don't advertise that they're there in your post on nhl_icons.
  • DO NOT claim others' icons as your own.
  • ALL icons and pictures must be placed behind an LJ cut. (If you do not know how to make an LJ cut, please read the FAQ below.) Three teaser icons (or if you have less than three icons to post) may be posted before the LJ cut linking to the rest of the icons.
  • Any requests should (but don't have to) include pictures or links to pictures to use on an icon. This makes it easier to make the icon, so that potential icon makers do not have to find pictures. Link to them or post them in the request entry behind an LJ cut.
  • You may NOT advertise any community/website/etc. unless it is a hockey community.
  • And, in what I think should be assumed, do not post icons with content that would be considered higher than PG-13.

    - For the first offense, you get a warning.
    - For the second offense, your posting privileges are suspended for ten days, give or take, depending on the offense.
    - For the third offense, you will be banned from the community.


  • Go here to post an entry. Be sure to select nhl_icons as the journal you are posting to (you can select this next to the "Update Journal" button at the bottom of the page.)
  • Post your graphics behind an LJ-cut (see the FAQ below). You may have up to three teaser icons outside the cut.
  • TAG YOUR ENTRIES. Click the link to see what you have to tag. If you do not know how to tag, go here. Since I can't see if you've tagged your entries when I approve them to the community, if I see that you haven't tagged your entry, I'll give you a few days to do that; if you choose not to tag your entries during that time, I'll delete your entry.
  • Do not post other graphics other than hockey graphics.
  • If you post links to another community/LJ with your graphics, make sure that the entries on that journal are NOT locked so that we can see them without joining your community or whatever to see the entries.


  • Before requesting, check the tags to make sure that nobody has already posted what you are requesting.
  • When you request, be sure to include the team, the player (if there is any specific player you are requesting graphics of), the league (if the team is not an NHL team), and any text/effects you want on the graphic.
  • Pictures are not required, but if you include pictures, you have a better chance of getting your request filled. It's easier for the icon makers when they don't have to go looking for pictures. :)
  • If you do include pictures, be sure to put them BEHIND an LJ-cut (see the FAQ if you don't know how to post an LJ-cut).

  • FAQ

  • How do I post an icon? Just go into the update journal page, type in your entry and select nhl_icons as the journal to post your entry in.

  • Where can I host my icons and graphics? You can host your icons on your own domain or at websites such as Photobucket.

  • What programs can I make my icons in? There are many different programs you can make icons in, such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, and there are many tutorials around the web and on Livejournal. (If you have some to suggest, please comment here.)

  • How do I make an LJ cut? Read the LJ FAQ answer here.

    Still have questions? Submit them here.


    letoilefilante/starrathena (community founder and head moderator)
    (Others to be added soon)



    Want to affiliate your sports or icons LJ community with nhl_icons? Comment here with a link to your community and I'll reply as soon as possible.


    You MUST be a member of nhl_icons to participate in these contests.

    Team Icon Contests: Our fifth Team Icon Contest is the Chicago Blackhawks -- submit your Chicago Blackhawks icons by November 29, 2006. Click on the link for more details.

    Past Icon Contest Winners


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